The freedom to know no boundaries

Elegance  presented by its simplicity and beauty

Sentian is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that is both beautiful and highly capable in its performance. It embodies the aesthetic design feel of modern aerospace design philosophy and the high performance capability above that of most vehicles in its class.



Wingspan                              5m

Length                                  3.2m

Height                                  1.4m

Max. Take-off weight            90kg

Payload (Excl. fuel)              15kg

Take-off/landing                  VTOL 

Type                                     Hybrid

The design architecture

In the very inception of the design process, the team knew their work was cut out for them. We knew we had to follow a new design philosophy that would combine sheer beauty and robust flight capabilities. The thrust system, for instance, features a highly efficient ducted fan that is housed inside the fuselage. This protects the thrust system from external damage while offering greater performance than conventional propeller designs.  

In the effort to give the aircraft higher stability performance, ventral strakes were added to the rear underside. Continuing with the design flow, the final outline was a beautiful synergy of design and function. 

Super efficient winglets were designed and highly optimised to reduce drag and improve both flight stability and endurance due to the lower consumption of fuel in cruise


Cruise speed                      120km/hr

Max speed                          280km/hr

Min. speed                         0km/hr (hover)

Endurance                          12 hours (Engine: Payload as fuel)

Endurance                          2 hours (Full electric)

Range                                 1400km

Radio data link                   200km LOS

Satellite link (Optional)     1400km 


Hybrid performance


The synergy of different system is also extended to the propulsion system of the aircraft. The aircraft is a functional hybrid system that encompasses a battery pack for electrical energy storage and a small on-board generator. The parallel hybrid system was designed with redundancy in mind. The aircraft takes off using both the battery and the engine as this stage require high amounts of power. Then at a safe height switches over to forward cruise flight using the generator only. This allows for the long endurance as the engine consumes little fuel during cruise in the fixed wing mode. In the event of engine failure, the aircraft has up to 2 hours of cruise time using the battery, which is enough to return home or land at another location, even at the extreme range of 250km. This kind of redundancy reduces chances of vehicle loss and facilitates in the application for certification.

VTOL system

The aircraft was design with the ability to take-off, hover and land like a helicopter using 4 powerful motors. This eliminates the need for runways and heavy, complex launch equipment. Furthermore, the hovering ability allows for stationary surveillance of infrastructure such as stock piles, power lines and pipelines. After take-off, the aircraft switches to cruise mode in the fixed wing mode to save on energy consumption, allowing for long distance/endurance missions while carrying payloads.

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Potential use cases

Wildlife conservation

Geo mapping & data collection

Cloud seeding & environmental protection

Security &  Oil rig inspection 

3D Printing

In the effort to maintain high levels of precision and accuracy in the development of the UAV, the team opted to utilize 3D printers to produce the moulds used to produce the final structures from composites. This increases output potential and efficiency while reducing chances of errors, time wasting and costs. This modern technique of production has proven it worth several times over!

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